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Relocating your entire company doesn’t have to be a stressful process when you choose MDC Assembly, LLC for your moving needs. We provide efficient, cost-effective solutions for getting all your office furniture where it needs to be. Your designated project manager will take a complete survey of your project and assemble the right sized team to ensure your relocation is completed in a timely fashion with minimal disruptions to your business.

We Do It All

At MDC Assembly,LLC, we do much more than move furniture from Point A to Point B – our company provides complete solutions for your entire relocation process. Our team will break down and disassemble any of your office furniture or cubicles that are moving with you. We offer all the necessary materials – boxes, crates, labels – for packing up your existing furniture. And instead of leaving all those bulky boxes in your office, MDC offers warehousing options to keep your items safe while you finish moving, providing on-time delivery to your new location right when you need it.

Clients Served:

  • CM Productions
  • Floorstore 2000
  • North American Dental Group
  • Otto Cadillac
  • Trillium Health
  • Tuttle Printing
  • Vanteon

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